• Photo of Oleh Tsiona
    Oleh Tsiona
    Executive and Artistic Director, Actor
  • Photo of Volodymyr Kuchynsky
    Volodymyr Kuchynsky
    Chief Director in Residence
  • Photo of Oles Koval
    Oles Koval
    Assistant Director
  • Photo of Oleksandra Shutova
    Oleksandra Shutova
    The Head of The Literature Department
  • Photo of Yuliya Rybka-Koval
    Yuliya Rybka-Koval
    Costume Design
  • Photo of Petro Humeniuk
    Petro Humeniuk
    Lighting Design
  • Photo of Kateryna Dendiuk
    Kateryna Dendiuk
    Graphik Designer
  • Photo of Sofia Kokuienko
    Sofia Kokuienko
    Lighting Design
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