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Andriy Kozak


Actor of the Les Kurbas Theatre Lviv. Andriy Kozak graduated from the acting department of Mykola Lysenko Music Academy (1994). In 1993-2001 - actor of the Mariya Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater, in 2002-2007 - actor of the Lviv Theological Theater "Resurrection". Since 2007 he has been working at the Les Kurbas Academic Theater in Lviv. Since 2019 actor of the Mariya Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater. Andriy Kozak is an “Honored Artist of Ukraine” (2018)

1990-1994 Mykola Lysenko Lviv Music Academy, acting department

Theater experience:
The Les Kurbas Theatre:

2001 Commander, "The Stone Host" by Lesia Ukrayinka
2008 Gilles, "Amnesia / Petits Crimes Conjougaux (Partners in Crime)" by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
2009 Jan, "Ma-Na Hat-Ta (Divineland)" based on Ingeborg Bachmann’s "The Good God of Manhattan"
2010 Panas, "Between The Two Forces" Volodymyr Vynnychenko
2010 Edgar, Honerilla, "King Lear" by William Shakespeare
2011 Lukash, "The Song of the Forest " by Lesia Ukrayinka
2012 Director, "The Theater of Crime" based on Jacques Mokler's play "Rehearsal at the Crime Theater"
2013 He who always speaks from the crowd, "Thus spoke Zarathustra" based on Nietzsche and KLIM
2013 Son, "Memento vivere" by Romain Gary
2016 Miller Gilbert Horn, "Knives in Hens, or The Legacy of the Miller" by David Harrover
2016 Leont, "The Winter's Tale" by William Shakespeare

Lviv Theological Theatre "Ressurection":
2002 Fak, "West Pier" by B. M. Koltes
2002 Chromium, "The Mountain giants" by L. Pirandello
2003 Morris, "Deadly Supervision" by J. Jeanne
2003 Eliphaz, "Job" by K. Wojtyla
2004 George Pigden, "He, She, the Window, the Dead" by R. Cooney
Street performances:
Trofimov, "The Cherry Orchard" by A. Chekhov
2003 Eliphaz, "Job" by K. Wojtyla

The Mariya Zankovetska Lviv National Theater:
1993 Khoma, "On the Pike Order" by M. Kropyvnytskyi
1993 Mercutio, "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare
1994 Padur, "Maklena Grasa" M. Kulish
1994 The Apostle Andrew, "Jesus is the Son of the Living God" by V. Bosovych
1994 Ardent, "On the Border" by Lesia Ukrayinka
1995 Karl Kurtz, "The Master" by I. Karpenko-Karyi
1995 Devil, "Night on the Mountain Meadow" by O. Oles
1995 Klym Husak, "Sharika" by Ya. Barnych
1997 Laertes, "Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare
1997 Justin, "Madame Bovary" by G. Flaubert
1997 Silent violinist, "Hutsulka Ksenia" by Ya. Barnych
1997 Feodul, "Se la vi" by N. Kovalyk
1998 "The Threepenny Opera", B. Brecht
1998 "The Sea of Life" by I. Karpenko-Karyi
1998 Captain Hook, "Peter Pan" by D. Barry
1999 Harold, "Harold and Maud"
2000 Groom, "The Bloody Wedding" by F.G. Lorca
2000 Polish officer, "Andrey" by V. Gerasymchuk
2000 Jean, "This Wonderful World of Theater" by M. Mituo
2001 Andrew the Son, "UBN" by H. Telnyuk
2019 Frederick, "Frederick or the Crime Boulevard", by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt