Marko Prokliaty, or The Legend Of The East cover

Marko Prokliaty, or The Legend Of The East

on the poetry of Vasyl Stus
A dramatic symphony based on the poetry of Vasyl Stus
1 hour
Date of premiere
April 20, 2001
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This work is a prayer. In ‘Marko Prokliaty,’ the theatre is revealed, if it can be put into such terms, to be environmentally pure, without any electronic or technological proxies,
without fashion or social trends. It is an expression of the existential human experience,
felt in its deepest state—the principle of being.
Svitlana Veselka, “Vysokyi zamok”

Stus is one of a few creators of a strong language structure, of the strong and commodious word.
Because only such a word can give itself over to the depths of culture’s archetypes.
For theatre, were the basis of words, the union of their sounds in the process
of the unconscious is especially felt, with obvious merit to the role Vasyl Stus’ poetry
will play in the evolution of the Ukrainian language.
Volodymyr Kuchynsky

Director –Volodymyr Kuchynsky
Set and Costume Design – Natalia Shymin
Musical Direction – Natalia Polovynka
Special Literary Advisor – Nadia Svitlychna
Dramaturg – Julie-Anne Franko

Marko – Oleh Stephan, Oleh Oneschak
Mamai –Andriy Vodychev
Mankurt –Volodymyr Kuchynsky, Denys Sokolov
Crazy Halya – Maria Oneshchak