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Lesia Ukrainka
Date of premiere
Dec. 17, 1995

In the Field of Blood
Johanna, The Wife of Chuza
Lesia Ukrainka

"This work is constructed for the close-up. In it, Kuchynsky’s “theatre of ideas” fully realizes the concept of “parable” theatre. Its composition does not present the traditional “conflict-climax-denouement, “but rather a series of stories, with a united theme accentuating a single through-line. In the presence of such a construction, designed as if by the detail of nuances, the psychology of images changes and allots them into single traits. They emerge as character-masks, character-allegories. Here a grand path of selection is traveled, discarding all the superfluous. Wordiness would destroy the clear logic of this construction. The director and actors seek full precision to tell a series of stories about those who remained to live after the Golgotha….” Kateryna Slipchenko, “Cinema-Theatre”

In the Field of Blood

Director – Volodymyr Kuchynsky
Set Design – Volodymyr Kaufman
Costume Design– Natalia Shymin

Judas – Andriy Vodychev, Oleh Tsiona, Oleh Oneschak, Mykola Bereza
Pilgrim – Tetiana Kaspruk, Natalia Parkhomenko, Tamara Gorgisheli

Johanna, the Wife of Chuza

Director – Volodymyr Kuchynsky
Set Design – Volodymyr Furyk
Costume Design– Olha Baklan

Chuza – Oleh Tsiona,
Sabo – Oleh Oneschak, Yaroslav Fedorchuk
Melchola, Marcia –Tetiana Kaspruk
Sabina – Mariya Oneshchak, Oksana Kozakevych, Maryna Mazur
Johanna – Tamara Gorgisheli, Natalia Parkhomenko
Publius – Mykola Bereza, Andriy Vodychev


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