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Mykola Bereza


Actor of the Les Kurbas Theatre Lviv, actor of cinema. Mykola graduated from the Acting Department of Ivan Franko Lviv National University (Department of Theater Studies and Acting, Faculty of Culture and Arts) and later graduated from the course of Volodymyr Kuchynskyi. As a director, he staged the play "The Theatre of Crime " by J. Mokler. Winner of the B. Romanytskyi Regional Prize in Theater Arts.

2005 Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Faculty of Culture and Arts, acting course of V. Kuchynskyi
2012 Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Faculty of Culture and Arts, directing course of V. Kuchynskyi

Theater experience:
The Les Kurbas Theatre Lviv:

2003 "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov
2004 Kobzar, "Bohdan" by KLIM
2004 Mauri, "The Dance of Illusions" by Luigi Pirandello "Still Better Than Before"
2005 Cleopa, "The Narcissus" by Hryhoriy Skovoroda
2006 Agaton, Pausanias, "In Praise of Eros" based on Plato's "The Banquet"
2006 Lucky, "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett
2006 Jan, "Ma-Na Hat-Ta (Divineland)" based on Ingeborg Bachmann’s "The Good God of Manhattan"
2008 Gilles, "Amnesia / Petits Crimes Conjougaux (Partners in Crime)" by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
2008 Publius, "Apocrypha" by Lesia Ukrainka
2009 Monk, "Garden of Unyieding Sculptures" by Lina Kostenko
2010 Greenberg, "Between The Two Forces" by Volodymyr Vynnychenko
2011 Lukash, "The Song of the Forest " by Lesia Ukrainka
2012 "Formulas of ecstasy" by Bohdan Ihor Antonych poetry
2013 He who always speaks from the crowd, " Thus spoke Zarathustra" based on Nietzsche and KLIM
2014 Duke, Prime Minister, "... a Shakespeare’s play "The 12th night" played by actors far from England who never knew Shakespeare's words..." KLIM
2016 Polyxen, "The Winter's Tale" by William Shakespeare
2018 Pato Dooley, "The Queen of Beauty" by Martin McDonagh
2018 Rafalovych, "The Crossroads" by Ivan Franko

Directing experience:
2012 "The Theatre of Crime" by Jacques Mokler's play "Rehearsal at Crime Theater"

Independent theater projects:
2013 Toastmaster, Chancellor, "Diploma" by Sashko Brama, independent project, Lviv
2013 Christopher, "Mother Maritsa - Columbus Wife" by Maria Mathios, Independent Project, Lviv
2017 "Aphrodisiac" by Victor Ponizov, "Wild Theater", Kyiv
2017 Mykola, "Why Didn't Michael Gurman Survive?" based on "Stolen Happiness" by I. Franko, a joint project of the Golden Gate Kyiv Theater, the Magdeburg Theater (Germany) and Les Kurbas Academic Youth Theater

2011 Mikhail Kolodzinsky, "Silver Land" directed by T. Khymych
2012 Wojtko, "Brothers. The Last Confession" directed by V. Trofymenko
2012 Seller, "Shadows of Unforgettable Ancestors" directed by L. Levytskyi
2014 Staff Captain, "Wolf's Heart" directed by Serhiy Ginsberg
2017 Red, "Red" directed - Zaza Buadze

2019 - Lviv City Council Award "Best cultural worker" in theatre arts.