The  Queen of Beauty cover

The Queen of Beauty

Martin McDonagh
2:20 minutes with intermission
Age restrictions
Date of premiere
May 19, 2018
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This simultaneously terrifying and comical story of Irish playwright McDonagh on domestic tyranny and violence requires a sense of airtight balance in its stage presentation. The play explores a relationship between an old capricious woman and her spinster daughter who is forced to care for her. The play’s nuances are so tight that it begs a closer look--one that in this production is provided by a projection device which impartially captures both the on-screen life cycle and unrealizable dreams of its heroes. The director and scenographer clearly feel the unforgettable nature of this play and transform The Beauty Queen of Leenane into a true phantasmagoria and theatrical burlesque.

Translated from English - Oleksa Nehrebetskyi
Director - Ihor Zadniprianyi
Scenographer - Volodymyr Stetskovych
Costume designer - Olha Hnatiuk

Maureen Folan - Mariya Oneshchak , Oksana Tsymbal
Mag Folan - Tetiana Kaspruk
Pato Dooley - Mykola Bereza, Oleh Oneshchak
Ray Dooley - Vasyl Kolisnyk, Denys Sokolov, Yaroslav Fedorchuk


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