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Grace-Given Erodiy

based on the philosophical dialogue of Hryhoriy Skovoroda
Delightful Diatribe
Date of premiere
Oct. 3, 2015
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In one of the most famous dialogues of Hryhoriy Skovoroda, the monkey Pyshek and the stork Erodius think of gratitude as the key to life's joy and inner peace of man. In the play, the philosophical texts are intertwined with the images of Bosch that are present in costumes and projections. It is one of the most visually beautiful performances of the theater, which has a long history, since the first edition of "The Grateful Erodius" appeared in the theater back in 1993 and became one of the most significant in the recent history of Ukrainian theater.

Hryhoriy Skovoroda is a Ukrainian philosopher of the 18th century; a philosopher, not a playwright, whose philosophical dialogue is not a play, nor is its action traditional action….But yes, it is action; as a ritual, as a "delightful diatribe ".
Erodii the stork, and Pishek, the monkey, meet somewhere in the African mountains ... The whole of the work is a series of parables—on upbringing, on living life with dignity and on Gratitude. These parables not delivered didactically, intrusively, not for the purpose preaching. Instead a ritual game is created, where the eternal images of heaven and hell, life and death are intertwined with Skovoroda's texts, as interpreted by the eyes of today. Eyes that gaze through cultural strata, through folk rites, through the painting of Bosch and Bruegel, through the spiritual edges of the eighteenth century… to glimpse the original source, the roots of all things. Before our eyes a ritual game captivates us; we are not mere observers, but participants. There are no roles, no actors, characters, nor audience, but rather disciples who want to share their knowledge with anyone who wishes to hear. Kateryna Slipchenko, Inshyi Teatr

GameMaster - Volodymyr Kuchynsky
Crafter of Images and Visions - Bohdan Polishchuk
Vocal and Song Songstress - Tamara Gorgisheli
Parrots of Plasticity and Movement - Andriy Vodychev, Olha Siemioshkina
Light Bearer - Volodymyr Stetskovych

Erodiy - Oleh Oneshchak
Pishek - Tamara Gorgisheli
Father - Andriy Vodychev, Vasyliy Kolisnyk
Monkeys, Leeches, Choir - Tamara Gorgisheli, Mariya Kopytchak, Andriy Petruk, Nataliya Rybka-Parkhomenko, Mariya Oneshchak, Denys Sokolov, Marko Svizhinskyi, Yaroslav Fedorchuk, Veronika Pozniak, Valeriya Petruk, Daryna Fedyna, Stepan Kychma


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