Photo of Marko Svizhinskyi

Marko Svizhinskyi


Actor of the Les Kurbas Theatre Lviv. In 2017 he graduated from the Acting Department of Ivan Franko Lviv National University (Department of Theater Studies and Acting, Faculty of Culture and Arts), Oleh Stefan's course.

2017 - Ivan Franko Lviv National University of Lviv (acting course of Oleh Stefan)

Theater experience:
The Les Kurbas Theater:

2014 "Memento Vivere" by Romain Gary
2015 Little Monkey, Pyiavytsia, Chorus, " Grace-given Erodiy" by Hryhoriy Skovoroda
2016 Florizel, Mamillius, "The Winter's Tale" by William Shakespeare
2016 George Golly, "Suddenly Last Summer" by Tennessee Williams

Independent theater projects:
2015 Roma, "R + J" by Sashko Brama
2018 "Strings of Willow Wood", J. Joyce Poetry Night on the stage of the Word and Voice Theater Center

Student works:
2012 "The Iliad" by Homer
2012 "Fables" by Aesopus
2013 Bass, "Twins" by T. Shevchenko
2014 "Sonnets" by Shakespeare
2014 Pericles, "Pericles, the King of Tire" by Shakespeare
2015 "The Great Cellar" by T. Shevchenko
2015 Florentine, "Snow in Florence" by Lina Kostenko
2015 "Decameron" by J. Boccaccio
2017 "Awake and Sing" by Clifford Odets
2017 "The Golden Boy" by Clifford Odets