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Vasyl Kolisnyk


Actor of the Les Kurbas Theatre Lviv, poet, founder and host of offline radio "Skorbota". He was born in the village Koniukhy of the Ternopil oblast. In 2012 he graduated from Volodymyr Hnatiuk Ternopil National Pedagogical University (Institute of Arts), acting course of Viacheslav Khimyak. Co-founder and member of Yuriy Zavadskyi Literary Studio 87. He is a participant of many all-Ukrainian readings and battles (winner of the Fourth Chernivtsi Poetry Battle, 2012). The founder of "Style 87". Author of poetry collections "21" and "Pixels".

Volodymyr Hnatiuk Ternopil National Pedagogical University, course of Vyacheslav Khimyak

Theater experience:
The Les Kurbas Theatre Lviv:

"... a Shakespeare's play “The 12th night” played by actors of far from England country who never knew Shakespeare's words..." by KLIM
2015 Father, "Grace-given Erodiy" by Hryhoriy Skovoroda
2015 Not the chorus, " Thus spoke Zarathustra" based on Nietzsche and KLIM
2016 Antigonus, "The Winter's Tale" by William Shakespeare
2016 Mrs. Veneble, "Suddenly Last Summer" by Tennessee Williams
2018 Ray Dooley, "The Queen of Beauty" by Martin McDonagh

Kaleidoscope Ternopil Youth Theater (2009-2012)
2009 Green, "The Difference" by Artem Vyshnevskyi
2010 The third, "Shredder" by Artem Vyshnevskyi

Olha Kobylianska Chernivtsi Academic Regional Ukrainian Musical and Drama Theater. (2012-2013)
2012 Author, "Christmas Night" by M. Gogol
2012 Bestman, "How the Cossacks are tamed, or Taming the Shrewd" based on the works of Yuriy Fedkovych and William Shakespeare
2012 Yohai, "Adventurous Stars, or Life is Theater" by Sholem-Alekhem
2012 Wolf, "Once again about the red hat"
2013 Natasha, "The Incident" by Luigi Lunari
2013 Stepan's Servant, "Baroque Love" by Jaroslav Stelmach
2013 Dorosh, “The Lady” Nina Sadur based on M. Gogol’s work

Directing experience:
2019 "People" Monika Kaniova, Lesia Ukrainka Lviv Academic Theater.

2019 - Lviv City Council Award "Best cultural worker" in theatre arts.
2019 – "Cult" International Theatre Festival, Usti nad Labem (Checz Republic)